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Road to the Isles The Traditional Music, Dance and Folksongs of Ireland and Scotland

Road to the Isles performs the pipe and fiddle music, dance, and folksong traditions of Scotland & Ireland. The group's five performers contribute their talents on the fiddle, flute, pipes, guitar, and with vocals, Irish Step dancing and Scottish Highland dancing. Dance performances include the sword dance, highland fling, sean triubhas, Irish reel and jig, slip jig, and hornpipe, all complemented by songs, stories, and instrumental solos and duets. Road to the Isles will transport your audience to the lochs and glens of the Celtic lands of old.

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Concerts usually consist of two sets with costume changes, solos, duets, trios, and ensemble performances, with raconteur and master musician Richard Hughes serving as guide through this beautiful territory. This show's theme focuses on the cultural relationship shared by the Irish and Scottish people, who share many ties, as well as contrasts, in their music and dance.

Educational presentations cover a wide range of elementary school assemblies, with a trio of myself, an Irish step dancer and a Scottish Highland dancer showcasing bagpiping, singalongs, and Irish and Scottish dancing. Study guides are available for educators to supplement their students' experience.

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Road to the Isles also offers workshops or master classes on fiddle, flute, and/or bagpipes as well as Irish step dance and Scottish highland dance. Promo kits and photos are available for Road to the Isles's school presentations and concerts. Road to the Isles also provides a video tape for presenters.

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