Here are a couple of comments that people have made about George's playing at Funeral's.


Dear George,

How your Bagpiping skills have touched us. We (the Family) drove up in the limo to the church and I thought I heard you playing and I wound down the window and there it was, that beautiful sound and we all had a sigh of relief knowing that my Mom would have loved it. As we were exiting the church, ahhhh! There you were again and we got to lift our heads and listen knowing that our Mom was smiling down on us and so happy to hear you. Then you were at the Cemetery again, another piece of comfort for us. I hope you realize how your special talent has touched us. We all got these sighs of relief and a smile was brought to our faces and hearts at a time when we did not think we would be smiling again. Thank You

Lorraine Rudge (Mary Petty Family) 



Thank You, not just for what you did, which was wonderful, but for the way you did it. Our heartfelt appreciation for the music of the Piper. The Family of James Shirley, Vandergrift, PA.